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Tracheal Stenosis

The Tracheal Stenosis website is a website and communitiy designed to give sufferers of the disease advice and information. Tracheal Stenosis is a condition where the windpipe becomes narrower or is constricted. 'Trachea' is another word for windpipe. 'Stenosis' means a narrowing of a passage or opening.

Gwen had a very old site which didn't look attractive and also didn't feature the forums enough. We designed her a striking website which integrates with the forum which has engaged the community. We also installed and setup a popular forum (phpBB). We also created a new logo to go with her new design which fits the target audience perfectly.

What Tracheal Stenosis said

“Centation have provided us with excellent service and customer care. Thank you Centation, for creating such a professional and user friendly website, and at a great price too.” Gwen Hill, Owner, Tracheal Stenosis

What we did

  • Web Design
  • Logo Design
  • Web Hosting
  • Installation and setup of phpBB


Tracheal Stenosis

Screenshot of the new Tracheal Stenosis website The new logo for Tracheal Stenosis The revamped forum for Tracheal Stenosis Closeup of the typography for Tracheal Stenosis

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